How COVID-19 Will Affect Airline Prices

Fellow travelers: It may take a while for us to return to our beloved travel. Borders will eventually open. Flights will be available.

The last hurdle is the potential high cost of airfare.

Whether you’ve been in lockdown, furloughed, laid-off, or even on the front lines, everyone can agree: we feel trapped and we want to escape the chains of COVID-19.

Many demand freedom from their masks. Many are cautious and strive to keep the curve flat. Both attitudes are driven by some level of anxiety about the future and eagerness to return to the norm.

We have withstood the quarantine measures. But, as travel plans and honeymoons are further postponed, anxiety heightens even more.

Not only do we feel trapped, helpless, and fearful of the future… Now we feel physically trapped in our own states and countries due to travel restrictions. Even if all travel isn’t banned, the thought crosses our minds:

But SHOULD I go? If I get infected on my flight, will I bring devastation to others in the places I’m visiting? Or, will I infect my family and friends when I return?

To make matters worse, if you’re currently in the United States, you are practically banned from most of the world. An article recently written by Indi Samarajiva called “American Passports are Worthless Now” features a map of countries who ban incoming travel from the United States due to the potential danger of allowing Americans over their borders.

(SPOILER ALERT: Only 28 countries, most of which are in the Carribean, are allowing American tourists. Of those 28 countries, 5 of the most “popular” countries require 14-day quarantine upon arrival.)

To make matters EVEN worse, COVID-19 levels continue to rise in the United States at alarming rates. Travel bans will not be lifted any time soon. In fact, we shouldn’t be surprised if they become even more strict.

Accurately depicts my current emotions 😦

But, eventually, the borders will open to us… right?

Yes, eventually, whenever that may be…

…But large airlines are teaming up to survive the financial drought they’ve been suffering. They project to lose billions of dollars due to COVID-19, and they have plans to make that money back.

Knowing that Americans are eager to escape (myself included – who isn’t?), the demand will be sky-high when it’s safe to purchase plane tickets. With higher demand and a monopolized airline market comes higher prices, less flights, and more baggage fees according to Travel Pulse’s article on future airline travel. Travel Pulse is not the only source that predicts this. CNN plays with the strong possibility of elevated flight costs, too.

BBC offers an alternative prediction which has been previously seen after national and global financial crises. If smaller airlines are able to keep their head above water, they may be more favorable to travelers than larger airlines.

  1. People are more likely to travel locally first (visiting family/friends or staying within the bounds of their own country), looking for deals with small airlines rather than big, international airlines.
  2. Travelers are strapped on cash these days, which means people are looking for deals with local airlines.

Ultimately, CNN and BBC agree: it’s up to the principle of supply and demand. If travel restrictions are lifted and the demand for airline tickets skyrockets, so will the prices. But if small airlines stay afloat, they may out-compete the larger ones, offering more affordable airfare deals.

How do you find those cheap airline prices?

May we all never take the freedom of travel for granted again!

Fellow travelers: It may take a while for us to get back to it, but we will prevail. Borders will eventually open. Flights will be available. The last hurdle is the potential high cost of airfare.

How can you find the best airline prices online? What are the secrets?

Click here to reach out to me if you need advice on travel planning!

In the meantime, stay safe in your own community!

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