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The Art of Stealth Camping

Stealth camping might be your thing if you’re travelling on a budget and you don’t mind spontaneity in your adventures. And no, it’s not illegal! (If you do it right) Camping is a fun and alternative way to arrange your sleep accommodations while travelling. It’s generally pretty cheap (reserving a camp spot can be anywhereContinue reading “The Art of Stealth Camping”


The Pali Puka Hike

Want to do the Pali Puka hike? Skim this, first! If you’ve seen the blog about Makapu’u Puka, you know that “puka” is the local word for hole. There are many puka hikes scattered around the island, and they’re often very rewarding to find. They sit along the edge of a ridge, and you canContinue reading “The Pali Puka Hike”

Kuliouou Ridge Trail

Kuliouou Ridge Trail is an awesome ridge hike near Honolulu, O’ahu which features some of the best views of downtown, Hawaii Kai, and Waimanalo. Although this hike can really challenge your aerobic endurance toward the top (reminiscent of Koko Head Trail, click to get blog in new tab), it’s totally worth the views. Suck itContinue reading “Kuliouou Ridge Trail”


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