A Must-Watch Travel Documentary Before You Go

We are all SO STOKED to start travelling again after COVID-19. But, before you book that ticket, get a little inspiration from this travel documentary – and it’s only 25 minutes long. Be warned – it’s not the average dreamy travel documentary of destinations unknown. It isn’t going to focus on the beauty of travel.Continue reading “A Must-Watch Travel Documentary Before You Go”

Top Travel Spots that Support Carbon Neutrality

Will you, the traveler, take your tourist money to a country that is working towards a sustainable planet through carbon neutrality? Or will you, the traveler, take your tourist money to a country that couldn’t care less? Hear me out. The tourism industry is easily the most powerful, influential industry in the world. Businesses inContinue reading “Top Travel Spots that Support Carbon Neutrality”

How to be Great Tourists in Hawaii

If you’re planning to head to Hawaii as one of your post-COVID vacation spots, the islands would love to have you! Having tourists in Hawaii will be a huge relief for many. Without it, many local businesses are failing. Your tourism helps to support Hawaii… …but not the tourism that was seen prior to lockdown.Continue reading “How to be Great Tourists in Hawaii”

How “Smart Tourism” Will Be Changing the Way You Travel

COVID-19 has brought many issues to light, and when things return to “normal”, it will surely be different. In the next 5 years, you’re about to see some major changes. It’s all due to a movement supporting sustainable and smart tourism! A Briefing about the Problem Many popular tourist destinations have been experiencing civil unrestContinue reading “How “Smart Tourism” Will Be Changing the Way You Travel”

It’s Time to Think Twice Before Booking an Airbnb

Although COVID-19 continues to lurk around, many of us are itching to travel. As soon as the world begins to reopen, many will finally book that postponed trip and kick-start tourism once again. But, it’s time to rethink our travel habits. It’s time to think twice before booking an Airbnb. (Banner picture courtesy of AestheticsContinue reading “It’s Time to Think Twice Before Booking an Airbnb”

Has Hawaii Tourism Put Hanauma Bay at Risk?

When most people think of Hawaii, they think of beautiful sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and dense marine life. Hanauma Bay encompasses this vision… one would think. In reality, Hanauma Bay attracts over 3,000 visitors a day. Because of Hawaii tourism, you’re more likely to be overwhelmed by the smell of sunscreen and B.O. asContinue reading “Has Hawaii Tourism Put Hanauma Bay at Risk?”